Friday, August 25, 2023

Need to Outshine Your Competition? Here Are 3 Ways to Do It With Print!


Your company's success depends on many different factors, each playing a vital role. While there are many things to consider when budgeting and creating marketing, it's important not to put too much emphasis on digital campaigns and overlook the power of print materials. 

According to a national survey, 82% of Americans find printed advertisements more credible than online ads! Print marketing can be incredibly beneficial for your company to increase brand awareness, engage existing customers, and boost sales. 

Here are some tips on using print marketing to give your company a competitive edge in your field! 

3 Ideas for Creative Print Marketing

1. Get Original with Shapes

 Many companies will get creative with the graphic design and typography components of their print marketing, but one aspect that could help you rise above the competition is unique shapes and sizes! 

Consider putting a unique twist on the shapes and sizes expected for certain print materials. For instance, rather than a traditional rectangular business card, consider using a round, square, or other-shaped card (such as a leaf for a landscaping business) to stand out! 

Similarly, sending out larger-than-average postcards or using oversized envelopes might gain your recipients' interest. Even something as simple as using a different fold pattern for your brochures could help your brand stick in a consumer's mind!

Use various sizes and shapes in your coupons, mail pieces, signage, and more to distinguish your company!

2. Infuse Local Flavor 

 One thing that most companies might not have considered is the value of connecting with your customers on a specific personal level- their location!

Data shows that 74% of consumers will respond to location-specific messaging.

Try this method by incorporating specific local landmarks, similar scenery, or references to the community and its values in your next print design. You could even team up with one of the local businesses to offer a discount or small freebie!

This will undoubtedly make your customers feel more valued and personally connected with your message. 

3. Add Some Life To Your Signage

 Your company's signage is a powerful part of engaging and communicating with your customers.

Creating unique designs for the signs at your in-store location can make a difference in your customers' experience, setting you ahead of your competitors.

Remember that signs can serve two primary purposes- to inform your customers or to engage your customers. Great signage will accomplish both by including a visually appealing design and a clear call to action. Get creative with your signage's colors, designs, shapes, and sizes to be eye-catching.

One idea might be adding a sign advertising a sale or a new specialty item on the sidewalk or posted outside your store to draw customers inside. You could even print your company's name or add the company logo to the awning across your storefront if your location has one.

Now armed with these insights, it's time to differentiate and captivate with print! Reach out to us for personalized guidance, and let's amplify your brand's impact together.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

5 Creative Ways to Use Business Cards


When it comes to increasing success and customer recognition for your business, it pays off to focus on the details. Don't underestimate the strength of the little things in your company- like business cards! 

From boosting customer loyalty to adding a personal touch to packaging, read on to discover five creative ways to use business cards to enhance your company today.

5 Fresh Ideas for Business Cards

1. Loyalty Cards

Rewarding your loyal customers is an essential way to ensure your company's success!

Why not incorporate a loyalty-reward aspect into your business cards? Simply print your company's logo and contact information on one side of the card, leaving space on the other for stamps or punch-out holes.

Incentivize the shopping experience for your customers by showing them that a freebie or discount is waiting for them after a certain number of visits or purchases. 

2. Appointment Reminders

If your company offers scheduled services or consultations, use the backside of your business card as an appointment reminder! 

This small card will help your customers keep track of when their appointment to meet with you, but it will also serve as a reminder of your brand- especially if you include your logo and signature colors on the card. Using a specific signature color on your business materials can increase brand recognition by 80%.

3. Product Tags

By punching a hole in the corner of your traditional business card, you can attach it to your product (whether it be clothing or the box of another type of product)! 

You can still include your company contact information on the tag, along with your logo, the price, and a short message about the product. Remember where the hole punch goes when designing your card, and consider using thicker paper to add durability!

4. Feedback Opportunities

Feedback is one of the most critical components for keeping your business strategy effective and staying ahead of the competition in your field.

You can use your business cards to collect it. 

On the back of your company's business card, add a question and leave some space for customers to write in their feedback, or use a number scale where they can circle their ratings. Then post a drop-box in your store where they can leave their replies when they stop in!


Whether your company involves books or not, bookmarks are a helpful token that might increase the likelihood of customers holding onto your business card!

Remember to keep the design consistent with your brand's colors and logo so that customers will think of you whenever they see the bookmark. Of course, include your contact information, but consider adding a fun, colorful design or an encouraging message!

So, remember, the little things can make a big impact on your business's success, and business cards are no exception! Embrace these fresh business card ideas and watch how they contribute to brand recognition and customer loyalty! Contact us today to start your next business card order.

Need to Outshine Your Competition? Here Are 3 Ways to Do It With Print!

  Your company's success depends on many different factors, each playing a vital role. While there are many things to consider when ...